Lightyear - an alternative to Interactive Brokers

Lightyear is an investment platform established in Estonia and the UK. Lightyear’s goal is to make investing easy, convenient and affordable for retail investors. When investing in foreign shares and ETFs, the usual choice is to use your home bank, but they usually have high transaction fees and account maintenance fees for holding shares.

Another popular option is to open an Interactive Brokers account. With them, opening an account is difficult, the user experience is poor, and transaction fees are significantly lower than in regular banks, but still exist. So, for a beginner investor who does not want to use leverage or trade options, Lightyear is a very reasonable choice.

Some Lightyear's advantages

Personal account Promo code: ILVES20

To receive a bonus, use the promo code ILVES20 when creating your account.

By entering the discount code, you’ll be eligible to receive one fractional share worth €20 for free. To make the most of this offer, consider choosing a stock that is valued at more than €20, such as MSFT, AAPL, or any other stock that interests you.

Please note that in order to receive the bonus, you must make a money transfer to your account. Read more from Lightyear’s help center.

Company Referral Code: TAAVIFX

To open a company account, you must first open a private account. After confirming it, you will have the opportunity to open a company account. To receive a bonus, enter the promo code TAAVIFX in the private view on the “Promotions” page, which you can find in the menu.

With the discount code, you can exchange currency for up to €3,000 for FREE within 3 months!

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Investment service is provided by Lightyear Europe AS. Check the terms and risks: and, if necessary, ask an expert for advice.