Personal goals for 2015

In the last post I described by finance goals for 2015. I realized that I it would be beneficial also to create and write down my personal goals to see if this approach increases the success rate of my objectives.

It is said that all goals should be measurable and traceable. It was easy to set numeric values for my finance goals but it is not so easy and intuitive for my personal goals. However I will give a try at least. I try to categorize the goals into different groups.

These are my initial goals. I will update this post if I find some more interesting goals that are missing.

Health and Fitness

1) Workout or do sports at least 4.5 hours a week. That is 52*4 = 234 hours total. (Last year I tracked 169 hours, however I did not log all my workouts).

2) Lift weights at least on average 2 times a week.

3) Log all my workouts using Endomondo to track effort and goals.


1) Track time on freelance projects and analyze time consumption of different project reoccurring tasks to improve them and therefore increase the productivity and money earned per hour.

Learning new things

1) Learn and use at least in one project PHP framework named Phalcon.

2) Learn and use at least in one project Javacript frameowrk named React.


1) Read at least 2 books about investing into stocks.

If you have any interesting challenges or goals that I should add then please let me know!