Here I give brief overview of my 2014 progression in my personal finance.

Net Worth

What is net worth? From Wikipedia: Net worth is the total assets minus total outside liabilities of an individual or a company. Put another way, net worth is what is owned minus what is owed. In business it is often used in the context of fraudulent law and on the dissolution of the company.

  • In 2014 assets value increased +178.34% (mainly influenced by new home purchase)
  • Net Worth increased +72.13%

Net Worth


  • In 2014 total income (salary, passive income, other income) increased by +33.65% (Mostly thank to the fact that In spring I completed by master studies and in few months after that I started working full time, previously I was working 0.5 load)
  • My passive income increased by +306.77% (In 2013 I had very little investments)
Passive Income

Passive Income


  • My total expenses increased by +44.18% (This does not include down payment for our new home). The expenses are higher because in 2013 we had very cheap rental flat that we shared with our friends and due to that our living costs vere low. Also in 2014 we had our vacation in Tenerife.



  • Investments increased by +1161.52%
  • The ROI of all investments was +3.61% at the end of the year. The calculation is made by dividing all asset class net profit by total invested money. This is not by far the best or correct method, however it is fast and gives at least for me a suitable reference point. Mainly because any real estate investments have not gained any income and OEG1T has lost about 8% of it’s value since I bought it.



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