December 2014 Projects & Investments Update


In December I completed 7 projects that is two (+3) more than previous month. In terms of money it was 246% increase comparing to previous month.

Month Projects Change
August 4 +0
Septmeber 5 +1
October 2 -3
November 4 +2
December 7 +3

It was very busy month in terms on side projects as many companies targeted their consumer campaigns to Christmas period to increase their sales. Probably January will not be so busy but whole 2015 should be at least as busy as 2014.

Passive Income

In this month there was great revenue from the advertisements thanks to chistmas, because people were searching for christmas poems and due to that increased traffic more clicks were made and ads were shown.

Overall it was very good month as the income increased quite a lot (+57.60€) to total of 160.98€. The interest income part was 79.33€ (+8.37€) and advertisement income correspondingly 66.80€ (+34.38€).


In December I also transfered some more money to Bondora and participated in 3 projects of real estate (2 CrowdEstate projects and 1 EstateGuru).

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