In November I completed 4 projects that is two (+2) more than previous month. In terms of money it was 246% increase comparing to previous month.

Month Projects Change
August 4 +0
Septmeber 5 +1
October 2 -3
November 4 +2

In general it was good month but December is expected to be even better as there are many ongoing Christmas related campaigns that will be launched in December.

Passive Income

In this report I am using bit different graph than I used in previous. I decided to include my Google Adsense earnings from project also, as I was able to increase my ads revenue significantly thanks to better ad placements.

Overall it was good month as the income increased quite a lot (+25,82€) to total of 103.37€. The interest income part was 70.95€ (+5.22€) and advertisement income correspondingly 32.42€ (+20.60€).



In November I transfered some more money to Bondora and I also bought few Tallinna Kaubamaja Shares to diversify my investments and own more dividend paying shares.

I also decided to add new graph (tree map) about all my investments. I like this representation very much as it visualizes my investments allocation in different investments types very well.


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