As my vision is to have diversified portfolio and as I focus on investing into P2P loans through company (due to Estonian tax policy regarding to income tax when dealing with written off loans) I have been looking for opportunities to increase my stock portfolio.

When talking about stock market, then my goal is to invest into dividend stock and after considering my current positions and today’s Estonian stock market Tallinna Kaubamaja (TKM1T) was the best candidate as Tallinna Vesi is too expensive in my opinion and I already have quite large proportion of Olympic Entertainment shares. I also considered Merko Ehitus but as I have invested into real estate sector through CrowdEstate and EtateGuru and thanks to little information about the company I did not choose it, yet!

Anyway bellow you can see my portfolio allocation:


Current allocation percentages are following:

Cash: 48%, Estate: 20%, P2P Loan: 19%, Stock + Index Fund: 13%

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4 thoughts on “TKM1T stock purchase

  1. Kristi ütleb:

    I have TM1T stock as well. I think the steep drop they took in 2014 was not really justified and they are currently well priced. Plus, I am their regular client, so that’s motivation as well 🙂

    1. Taavi ütleb:

      Yes, I also go to Selver often 😀 And I like their historical dividend yield.

  2. Max ütleb:

    Great blog Taavi, some great ideas to be found here.
    But I got one question related to *investing into P2P loans through company*
    How do You handler your company financial audits (for TaxAgency)?
    Do you use any software solution for that?

    1. Taavi ütleb:

      Thank you! And answer to your question, I do not use any other special software other than my accounting software called Merit Aktiva. I do not track individual loan interests and principal payments but total, monthly based, transactions. Because company has to report interest income to tax agency every month. However all the individual transactions are available to export from Bondora if they want to see them sometime in the future.


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