TKM1T stock purchase

As my vision is to have diversified portfolio and as I focus on investing into P2P loans through company (due to Estonian tax policy regarding to income tax when dealing with written off loans) I have been looking for opportunities to increase my stock portfolio.

When talking about stock market, then my goal is to invest into dividend stock and after considering my current positions and today’s Estonian stock market Tallinna Kaubamaja (TKM1T) was the best candidate as Tallinna Vesi is too expensive in my opinion and I already have quite large proportion of Olympic Entertainment shares. I also considered Merko Ehitus but as I have invested into real estate sector through CrowdEstate and EtateGuru and thanks to little information about the company I did not choose it, yet!

Anyway bellow you can see my portfolio allocation:


Current allocation percentages are following:

Cash: 48%, Estate: 20%, P2P Loan: 19%, Stock + Index Fund: 13%

November 2014 Projects & Investments Update


In November I completed 4 projects that is two (+2) more than previous month. In terms of money it was 246% increase comparing to previous month.


In general it was good month but December is expected to be even better as there are many ongoing Christmas related campaigns that will be launched in December.

Passive Income

In this report I am using bit different graph than I used in previous. I decided to include my Google Adsense earnings from project also, as I was able to increase my ads revenue significantly thanks to better ad placements.

Overall it was good month as the income increased quite a lot (+25,82€) to total of 103.37€. The interest income part was 70.95€ (+5.22€) and advertisement income correspondingly 32.42€ (+20.60€).



In November I transfered some more money to Bondora and I also bought few Tallinna Kaubamaja Shares to diversify my investments and own more dividend paying shares.

I also decided to add new graph (tree map) about all my investments. I like this representation very much as it visualizes my investments allocation in different investments types very well.


August 2014 Projects & Investments Update

I decided to post brief overview about the projects completed and investments performance of previous month. This post is meant for mainly to me myself to help visualize and track my investments and projects monthly. Maybe some readers also find it interesting to follow.


Due to summer the number of the projects was modest – 4 Facebook campaigns:

  • Development of Basket Ball world cup prediction and betting Facebook apps for Estonian and Lithuanian market. Client: Goal, Olympic Entertainment
  • Development of  Simple Express Facebook apps to win free or 50% cheaper bus tickets for Estonian and Polish market. Client: Goal, Simple Express

Passive Income

My only passive income comes from Bondora P2P loans. In August I got ~40€ from loan interest. All received principal and interest were reinvested.



In August I invested into real estate using Corwd Estate and bought some Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG1T) and Tallinna Vesi (TVEAT) shares. Both have good history of paying dividends.