I decided to post brief overview about the projects completed and investments performance of previous month. This post is meant for mainly to me myself to help visualize and track my investments and projects monthly. Maybe some readers also find it interesting to follow.


Due to summer the number of the projects was modest – 4 Facebook campaigns:

  • Development of Basket Ball world cup prediction and betting Facebook apps for Estonian and Lithuanian market. Client: Goal, Olympic Entertainment
  • Development of  Simple Express Facebook apps to win free or 50% cheaper bus tickets for Estonian and Polish market. Client: Goal, Simple Express
Month Projects Change
August 4 +0

Passive Income

My only passive income comes from Bondora P2P loans. In August I got ~40€ from loan interest. All received principal and interest were reinvested.



In August I invested into real estate using Corwd Estate and bought some Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG1T) and Tallinna Vesi (TVEAT) shares. Both have good history of paying dividends.



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