I decided to post brief overview about the projects completed and investments performance of previous month. This post is meant mainly for me to help me to visualize and track my investments and projects monthly performance. Maybe some readers also find it interesting to follow. You can also read previous post about September.


The number of the projects was very small – 2 Facebook campaigns:

  • Development of Facebook campaign where users had to guess a movies release years. For Estonian and Lithuanian market. Client: Goal, National Geographic
Month Projects Change
August 4 +0
Septmeber 5 +1
October 2 -3

The small number of projects was due to the fact that I had a 2 week vacation and went to Tenerife. Also there were not so many project offers, but there are many new projects planned for current month.

Passive Income

In October I received total of 65.73€ as interests from Bondora (64,76€) and Moneyzen (0.97€) that is again new record as you can see in the graph below.

My total XIRR, taking into account my Bondora accounts and Moneyzen account is about 19% that is 0.2% improvement from previous month. However the amount of defaulted principal has raised by about 59€ to 173.57€. It seems to be the highest increase this year and most probably due to higher expenses for heating and soon coming christmas.



In October I invested little money to Moneyzen platform as I only had about 100€ invested there already. I also transfered similar amount to Estateguru and invested into a loan backed by land however the loan is still in pending status and only 40% of the total amount is raised. I do not plan to invest there anything more as at the moment my money is not earning any interest. I also bought OEGT (Olympic Entertainment) shares as the price was bit lower than usual and finally I bought 3 SPY index fund shares through LHV Broker to experiment with LHV Broker software and index funds as I have never invested into them before.

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