This is my April 2015 investments report. I will keep it short as I have very little free time at the moment due to going to Estonian largest military exercise named “Siil 2015” tomorrow for 10 days. Fortunately my employer will maintain my salary during the exercises, so I don’t lose in money.

Passive Income

So, about the numbers. This was record month again mainly thanks to dividend income, but all other income streams except P2P loans increased also.

My passive income increased by +190.37€ to total of 449.32€. The P2P loan interest income was 176.64€ (-2.98€), advertisement income correspondingly 64.70€ (+3.02€), income from real estate lending sites 22.78€ (+5.13€), dividend income 185.2€. This makes my rolling average passive income rate to expenses 11.39% that is well on track with my 2015 year 15% goal.



As I have said before I have taken step back from throwing much new money into investments. In April I increased my Omaraha and Moneyzen portfolio little bit. Generally I am waiting for some corrections to happen in the market and accumulating available money.

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