It is first of June and it is again time to give an overview of previous month performance. Last month was not ordinary as I spent 10 days at Estonian largest military exercise in history called Siil 2015. Money wise it meant that my expenses were little bit lower and income higher as my employer ensured my salary and government paid some money for each day.

Passive Income

May was little bit worse than April as I got “large” amount of dividends last month. However Olympic paid it’s dividends in May so the difference was not very big.

My passive income decreased by -38.04€ to total of 419.66€. The P2P loan interest income was 197.08€ (+12.06€), advertisement income correspondingly 84.07€ (+19.37€), income from real estate lending sites 30.21€ (+7.43€), dividend income 108.3€ (-76.5€). This makes my rolling average passive income rate to expenses 14.82% (+3.12%) that are well on track with my 2015 year 15% goal.



This month I opened account in and transferred some money there. I have received some interests already but I will do my first analyze next month. Overall I like Mintos very much. It has good design, company account opening was easy, finding loans was also easy.

Also first loan in Estateguru was paid fully back and I used this and invested into Pakri project. At the moment there are no problems with Estateguru, all interest payments are paid on time.

There are 2 black sheep. Firstly money in Moneyzen is not going out very fast and I don’t want to lower my interest rates very much. Secondly I don’t see great compounding effect of my money in Bondora. The interest payments are staying almost the same that means that great number of loans are missing their payments or are going bankruptcy. I have not yet decided what actions to take or just wait and see. I have not added money to Bondora for 3 months now and also don’t plan to add any in the near future.

2 thoughts on “May 2015 performance update

  1. Hugeli ütleb:

    Taavi, change settings for new post e-mails. Currently full post is readable in e-mail. Changing settings will create more traffic on blog page. 😉

    1. Taavi ütleb:

      Thank you for your suggestion. I do not mind if I don’t get more traffic, but I will try to change it.


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