July 2015 update

Two thirds of our Estonian summer time/months have passed already and it is again time to post my last month’s performance report. Currently I am spending my vacation and I actually like the weather. There are so much windy days and as I am doing kitesurf, I have kited almost every day this week total of 12 hours + 2 hours of cycling.


Passive income

July was again worse than previous months that were higher thanks to dividend income. Also the income from advertisements have dropped and the culprit is summer time as the people do not spend so much time online.

My passive income decreased by -63.41€ to total of 304.92€. The P2P loan interest income was 214.56€ (+11.68€), advertisement income correspondingly 65.58€ (-8.28€), income from real estate lending sites 24.78€ (+2.49€), dividend income 0€. This makes my rolling average passive income rate to expenses 19.73% (+1.26%).



Still no new investments. I opened an account at InteractiveBrokers and I plan to add some funds there and buy some US stock or index funds. The transaction and holding costs are much lover than using LHV. I will dive into it after my vacation.

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