Another month has passed and spring is finally arriving in Estonia. It was a great month with quite a large passive income. The Baltic dividend season has officially begun – I got my Tallinna Kaubamaja dividend payment that helped a lot to raise the passive income.

I slightly increased my present in Mintos and Omaraha, transferred money out from Estateguru and Crowdestate and reinvested in Bondora. I also decided to sell individual stock positions abroad (most of them were fortunately positive, but got some loss on NOV). Why? I don’t have time to watch individual stocks and I want to focus on index ETF’s.

One interesting thing I put some time into, was to try out Quicken to track my investments. I have not yet had time to record all my historical transactions, but most of them and the results are quite impressive. I like it very much. Until now I have tracked my investments using Quicken and my own custom-made software. When I have tested the Quicken out, I might write a blog post about it, if there is interest. For now I want to show one interesting graph that Quicken can produce:


Passive income

My passive income increased by +19.88€ to total of 609.37€. The P2P loan interest income was 250.65€ (+21.64€) , advertisement income correspondingly 62.96€ (-0.71€), income from real estate lending sites 22.5€ (-262.70€), dividend+bonds income 240.76€ (+229.15€). This makes my rolling average passive income rate to expenses 48.37% (+1.82%).




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