Firstly, Happy new YEAR to all the readers!

It has been an interesting year and hopefully the new one will be even greater. I will write a post about 2015 soon, this post gives a small overview about the December.

Passive income

It was great month. P2P (Bondora, Omaraha, Moneyzen + Mintos) made new all time high interest payment. The total passive income was also almost the highest thanks to Crowdestate interest income from one project.

My passive income increased by +269.87 to total of 598.49€. The P2P loan interest income was 234.46€ (+13.76€), advertisement income correspondingly 94.34€ (+23.64€), income from real estate lending sites 258.78€ (+234.19€), dividend income 11.01€ (-1.72€). This makes my rolling average passive income rate to expenses 42.04% (+4.87%).



I did not make any new significant investments, but there were few:

  • Firstly, I opened Interactive Brokers business account to start investing in the stock market as a company. It was a quite long process (2 weeks) compared to personal account (few days), but in the end, I managed to get all required documents and now the account is opened. I made my first investment, bought some VWRD (an ETF that tracks FTSE All-World Index, a market-capitalisation weighted index of common stocks of large and mid cap companies in developed and emerging countries). I plan to buy it monthly or bi-monthly basis. Depends on what the market does and if there are other opportunities at that time.
  • Reinvested all principal payments and interest payments in Omaraha, Moneyzen (only managed to give out 20% of the available money), Mintos, Bondora (through secondary market). I did not give out any new loans with my personal accounts (I plan to close them) and I did not participate in any of Crowdestate or Estateguru offerings.

One thought on “December 2015 update

  1. rahakratt ütleb:

    To sum it up – impressive! Let me know if you’d like to switch blogs and portfolios with each other, I’d be in 🙂


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