November was an interesting month. I attended to Rahafoorum training day that was very fun event, had good speakers and attendees. It was great to see many other bloggers and fellow investors that I have been discussing on-line. I hope there will be other similar seminars or gatherings.

In financial wise November expenses were quite high compared to other months in 2015 due to some unexpected expenses. First time this year the monthly saving rate was lower than the rolling average saving rate. However, I still barley managed to stay in the 50% savings club. I am happy to see that my average expenses for 2015 have been steadily decreasing that was one of my 2015 goals. I will soon write another post about the progress of the 2015 goals.

Passive income

In terms of passive income, November was again a good month, better than October. Both P2P and advertisement increased a little bit. The advertisement increase was probably due to soon arriving Christmas (December will be probably again all time record month). Also, there were two dividend payments from the US market.

My passive income increased by -330.5€ to total of 294.07€. The P2P loan interest income was 213.12€ (+1.28€), advertisement income correspondingly 60.34€ (+4.96€), income from real estate lending sites 20.61€ (-324.01€), dividend income 12.73€. This makes my rolling average passive income rate to expenses 37.17% (+2.39%).

November 2015


Not much to talk about. Did not make any new investments (only reinvested accrued interests and principal payments). In Bondora I used secondary market to reinvest the money as the auto bidder is turned off and will be most probably never turned on again.

If you wonder why I have not made any new investments – my goal for 2015 investment volume as already achieved. That does not mean I won’t make any new investments in December if I find any good opportunities. I most probably won’t put any new money into p2p (loans nor real estate sites) as I am re balancing  my portfolio (decreasing p2p importance). It will be almost well-balanced enough when many crowdestate projects end in 2016. If I have more time I might write another post about my target asset allocation. Press like if you want to read it 🙂

2 thoughts on “November 2015 update

  1. Kristi ütleb:

    Still very impressed by your speed of growth!

    1. Taavi ütleb:

      Thanks! Even though I am not 100% satisfied, because in my opinion my portfolio is too risky at the moment. But still I am happy that I have started this journey. Long way to go, but I’m sure we all make it!


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